By employing eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) in our communities, Autumn Senior Living demonstrates a clear commitment to accurate medication administration.

Shown to reduce errors by approximately 50%*, eMAR uses bar code technology to verify resident identity, and prescription instructions. It provides nurses a reliable way to record, monitor and ensure correct medication and dosage – to the correct resident, at the correct time, and using the correct method.

eMAR also makes nurses more efficient and effective with their time, reducing staff costs and permitting enhanced care in other important areas. Furthermore, important considerations and warnings may be relayed from doctor to pharmacist to nurse. The device allows for efficient inventory management, verification, and aids in decision-making processes.

Demonstrated benefits of eMAR:


  • Increased level of care
  • Superior records to support ongoing care
  • Greater sense of security and safety for residents and families


  • Increased efficiency and time management
  • Reduced error rate increases professionalism and image of facility
  • Extra controls facilitate communication among staff
  • Reduced risk and costs

*Study conducted by Massachusetts Medical Society in 2010.

Resident Tracking System

Resident tracking systems allow management to monitor movement during a memory care residents time at an Autumn Senior Living community.

The benefits of this technology include:

  • Increased security and safety
  • Optimal response times
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Enhanced sense of independence among residents
  • Helps screen for cognitive impairment
  • Reduced costs and turnover
  • Input-light data to help assess care
  • Provides data to help optimize and improve operations

Emergency Call System

In the case of a medical emergency, help is just a button press away with the emergency call system. Speedy reactions bring improved outcomes, which means better care for our residents.

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Autumn focuses on licensed assisted living communities:

  • Memory care for residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementia – 50 to 80 residences.
  • Assisted living communities of 80 to 120 residences.
  • I-Lite assisted living communities of 80 to 120 residences. These communities offer larger residences, more amenities for residents who are interested in maintaining their lifestyle, yet have assisted living services available.

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