The Story of Autumn Senior Living Turnaround Success:
Cabot Cove of Largo

When Autumn took over Cabot Cove in April 2011, this 62-unit assisted living community was in serious trouble: occupancy had fallen to below 50%. The property was losing money every month and ownership had paid the property’s mortgage for the previous 6 years. It had significant past due payables. The property was in neglected condition with over 200 maintenance issues, including water damage.

Within seven months, Autumn turned the property around:

  • Monthly revenue up 97%.
  • All maintenance issues were resolved.
  • Despite a difficult lending market, Autumn had closed a financial package to replace the property’s tired and damaged furnishings, fixtures and equipment.
  • The property produced sufficient cash to pay its own mortgage.


We understand that the long-term success of any care community begins with the quality of life of its residents. Free to live life to the fullest, with the warmest of care – residents find a true home at each of Autumn Senior Living’s communities. Fulfilled residents stay longer, and satisfied families gratefully champion the facility. This leads to full beds and growing waiting lists.

We’re proud of our track record for turning declining properties into thriving communities.


Optimal design to increase well-being and independence is central to our approach. Our communities are spacious, light and welcoming, and include desirable amenities: private rooms and personal bathrooms, social areas, dining rooms, libraries, exercise rooms and more. In many ways, Autumn Senior Living properties are a blend of homes and resorts into one outstanding community.

Whether designing from scratch or altering an existing environment, the Autumn Senior Living team will make the intelligent changes that uplift residents and ROI alike.


There is a significant need for quality assisted living and memory care. Autumn Senior Living’s name is renowned for excellence in management and care. Our strong brand makes spreading the word that much easier.

Dedicated to filling residences, the Autumn marketing team goes beyond a typical advertising regimen – they use the power of referrals and relationships in the community to ensure that local medical professionals are singing the praises of your community. Our highly effective personal sales efforts – combined with strategic multi-media communication, trade marketing and event sponsorship opportunities that target guardians and caseworkers – keep Autumn Senior Living’s properties highly visible.

Autumn’s Marketing strategy is to:

  • “Own” the market position of “fun” and “care” in assisted living. We want the local market to feel that Autumn is a Wonderful Way to Live™, not just for the resident, but for the entire family.
    • Multi-platform cross marketing
    • Traditional media
    • Social media
    • Internet marketing
    • Professional community events
    • Public relations
  • Be part of the assisted living evoked brand set among our local community. We want:
    • Prospects to call us first when they have a need.
    • Their friends and families to recommend us first.
    • The professional community to recommend us with confidence to their clients and patients.
  • Answer the phone quickly when prospects call.
  • Ensure when prospects come to tour, they feel the wonder when they walk into our community.
  • Have staff available at all times to tour our communities and create positive feelings.
  • Have skilled closers when the decision time comes. Ensure they have the promotional and operational tools to get the close.
  • Have the operational capacity to move a resident in the moment they make the decision.


Experts in finance, Autumn Senior Living has negotiated funding to support development endeavors, with specific experience in FHA and HUD financing. Our team has been deeply involved in HUD 232 financing and its newest pre-application processes. We provide a comprehensive audit of all expenditures and make sure each dollar is spent wisely and effectively. We also leverage our current vendor relationships to obtain favorable pricing and use technology to boost efficiency.

One often overlooked component to your financial success is pricing. We thoroughly analyze your market space and competitors to devise a pricing structure that maximizes revenue.


Autumn Senior Living is a proven company that demonstrates consistent success and the know-how to turn investments into returns. We shape the corporate culture of the community to value the residents above all – our staff understands that their job success rests in the approval and satisfaction of the residents.

Simply, we’ve hired hundreds of assisted living employees. We know how to select the most qualified and accredited professionals to join our team.

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Autumn focuses on licensed assisted living communities:

  • Memory care for residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementia – 50 to 80 residences.
  • Assisted living communities of 80 to 120 residences.
  • I-Lite assisted living communities of 80 to 120 residences. These communities offer larger residences, more amenities for residents who are interested in maintaining their lifestyle, yet have assisted living services available.

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